Power line communication: channel HW/SW emulators and analysis tools

WiTiKee HACE™: PLC Hardware Channel Emulator

WiTiKee HACE: State-of-the-art PLC HArdware Channel Emulator. HACE is the first patended and commercially available hardware solution for the power line communication channel emulation. HACE offers realistic PLC channel and line impedance emulation both for narrow band and broad band operation conditions.

Application. HACE is the perfect choice for testing the performance of your PLC modem and analog front-end. In real-life conditions, the line impedance varies significantly with an unpredictable frequency dependence so that the design of the analog front end (AFE) becomes a nightmare without adequate emulation tools. HACE is a fundametal tool for the design of the AFE since it emulates the line impedance with high accuracy.

Customization. HACE can be tailored to your needs and configured to reproduce the characteristics of typical in-home or outdoor applications, or it can be designed to replicate an application scenario that you specify. This can be done with WiTiKee patented design procedures that deliver realistic and accurate results.

Reference model. WiTiKee HACE-1 is equipped with SMA in/out ports for up to 100 MHz band emulation.

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WiTiKee WACE™: PLC Software Channel Emulator

WiTiKee WACE: State-of-the-art PLC Software Channel Emulator. WACE is a familiy of state-of-the-art software packages that enable the statistical representative generation of PLC channels.

Application. WACE can be integrated in simulation platforms to test and validate signal processing algorithms and PLC transmission protocols.

Customization. WACE can be tailored to your needs and configured to: reproduce channel responses with statistics in excellent agreement with measured data, generate both static and periodically time variant channels, generate both SISO and MIMO channels, simulate channels for certain in-home and outdoor application scenarios, be used in a CAD mode so that from the topology/network layout the channel response is calculated.

Reference model. WiTiKee WACE-1 includes in-home and LV outdoor networks with band up to 100 MHz.

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WiTiKee TEST: PLC Network Analysis Tools

WiTiKee TEST: Software Tools for Test Analysis. TEST is a software platform that allows the analysis of big data collected from measurements of PLC devices in real environments.

Application. The analysis of experimental data obtained from real field measurement campaigns is of great importance. WiTiKee has developed software tools to analyze the channel characteristics and the performance of PLC networks through a user friendly interface.

Customization. TEST can be customized to process data from your dataset.

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